Here is the design for our 2018 Portland Queer Comedy Festival tshirt

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Domina Alexandra

Shirt Designer

Domina Alexandra is a native of Southern California who has recently transplanted to Salem, Oregon. She is an author of stories with strong female protagonists, authentic emotions and thrilling action scenes that mirror her career as an EMT on the way to growing in the medical emergency world. She grew up writing poetry as an outlet and, in 2006, joined a Live Theater program, where she played many roles in productions of plays and musicals. During her four years of acting, she fell in love with writing monologues, screenplays, and all things story. When she’s not saving lives as an EMT, she advocates for LGBT Youth with a vision of growing a stronger community of care, acceptance, and compassion. Her books include Her Endure. She gets her imaginative ideas from her life as a EMT as well as being stuck in her head too long as a child.

You can find Domina's book, I Belong With Her on Amazon