D'lo is a queer/transgender Tamil Sri Lankan-American actor/writer/comic. You’ve seen D’Lo in LOOKING (HBO), TRANSPARENT (Amazon), SENSE 8 (Netflix), Mr. ROBOT (CW) and the Emmy nominated mini-doc series THIS IS ME produced by Rhys Ernst and Zackary Drucker. He also can be found in the documentary based on his life/work called PERFORMING GIRL and Sundance Fellow Adelina Anthony’s film BRUISING FOR BESOS as Rani. He’s also been featured in Buzzfeed & Fusion videos, and in many webseries including EASTSIDERS, DYKE CENTRAL, Issa Rae's Color Creative & Project Greenlight produced MINIMUM WAGE and his own series PRIVATE DICK. He tours his solo shows (stand-up & theater) on the university/college circuit and theaters internationally, facilitates writing and performance workshops nationally, and also is a co-producer with Disoriented Comedy - all Asian-American touring group. D'Lo is currently in development on a scripted series based on his life that is set up at BTR Media and Paul Feig’s Powderkeg Media.