Overflowing with high energy nerd rage, Kyle Shire revels in playing with stereotypes and audience expectations. A video game nerd to the core, Kyle has been a host and producer for Machinima, creating gaming content for the masses. He hosted Machinima's premier Fighting Game channel Body Count Fighting, he voiced and produced his own animated series Patch Notes, and was a frequent guest on shows like VR Power Hour and Insight eSports. He was the host for the 2017 WB Games E3 booth (where he clocked 225 minutes of clean crowd work over 3 days), and he hosted Machinima's Watch Party at E3 2018. Hands down, Kyle's favorite gig was playing an ogre in a commercial for Blizzard's card game Hearthstone (ask him about it, he almost died! LOL) Kyle has appeared on Laughs on FOX, Into.com, The Pandora Boxxx Show, performed on RSVP Cruises, and is featured in the Comedy Dynamics special Out On Stage: The Series, now streaming on PlutoTV, Dekku, and Amazon.