If you’re looking for Rachelle, you’ll find her slanging jokes throughout the Portland comedy scene, slurping an IPA between sets. She’d describe her comedy style as “unique”—an unhelpful adjective to say the least. Think of her as the lovechild of Ellen DeGeneres and The Lonely Island—a problematic vision for many reasons—who missed out on the dry wit part. Employing observational comedy as her primary mode, Rachelle has been fortunate enough to share her boundless energy and enthusiasm on stages at Seattle’s Highlarious Comedy Festival, Sacramento’s Comedy Festival, and Harvey’s Comedy Club, and was recently recognized by a waiter at 10 Barrel as “that one who didn’t do so bad” at Portland’s Funniest. Rachelle fills her free time working on her musical comedy, melting hearts with her banjo, DJing for the elderly, hiding from exercise, and eating chips and guac—YES I KNOW IT’S EXTRA—to excess