Portland Queer Comedy Festival Guidelines and Submissions:

Thank you for submitting to Portland Queer Comedy Festival! We’re so happy that you are interested in the fest! This is our third year, and we are very excited for year three! We have more planned for the comics, with more stages, and more shows. We watch all submissions, and we’re thrilled to see yours. One of the things we loved last year is seeing how many LGBTQ identified comics are performing all over the world, and the diversity of performers. You guys are rocking it!

Below are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

  • We are mainly stand-up comedy and are not looking for improv or one person shows, at this time. If that changes, we will have a separate call for those performers. But thank you! We appreciate you!
  • We are looking for performers who are LGBTQ+ identified. You know if that’s you, we trust you to be mindful of your identity and respectful of the festival’s concept. If you are a straight comic that really wants to be involved, we love that! We always need volunteers and please check out our volunteer page. We have a Queer and allies open mic, so you can get some stage time and hang out. Thank you!

  • We are looking for a 4 to 10 minute video submissions.

TIPS: Make sure your video is clear, you are clear and your audio is clear. An audience is great, and make sure that you can hear them too. We really depend on the tape you send, so make sure it’s great!

We’re excited to see your submission and thank you for applying to Portland Queer Comedy Festival. Applications are $20, close April 10th and we will be making selections at the end of April! We will notify you by email. YAY!


Thursday July 18thFriday July 19thSaturday July 20thSunday July 21st

** Please be aware! Photos larger than 2MB WILL NOT UPLOAD and you will have to start over! If you think your image might be too large, you can resize it here: Acceptable file formats: gif, png, jpg, jpeg

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